Luke 24:36-53

15 Apr

2/11/2012 V. 36, As the men from Emmaus were relating their story, Jesus appeared among them with the greeting, “Peace be with you.” Jesus always comes bringing peace.

V. 37, The disciples were ready to believe. Indeed, they already believed because in v. 34 they had believed Peter’s story. But when faced with the reality of Jesus, they thought it must be a spirit they were seeing and were actually frightened by it.

V. 38-40, Jesus asked them why their fear and doubt, then presented His hands and feet to them, told them to touch Him. Spirits don’t have flesh and bones.

V. 41, They still couldn’t believe it, but Luke clarifies that’s it was because of their joy, which is a concept we understand. A teenager who has been dreaming of a car for so long can’t believe it when he gets one for his birthday because of his joy. So dad hands him the keys and says go ahead, take it for a ride. Jesus said, “Give me something to eat.” For the disciples this would prove the reality because in their minds a spirit couldn’t do that.

V. 42-43, So they gave Him a piece of broiled fish and He ate it there before them.

V. 44, Once the shock of the moment had calmed, Jesus began to speak to them. He reminded them that everything that had happened He had told them about before His death and that it was the witness that the scriptures bore of Him, in the books of Moses, in the prophets, and in the psalms. The entire OT had predicted exactly what had happened.

V. 45, We don’t know how long Jesus spent doing this, but He then opened the minds of His disciples so that they could understand what had not been revealed to them before. The Spirit chooses when to open things to our minds, and these things had not been revealed to the disciples before.

V. 46, Jesus explained from the scriptures where it was predicted that the Christ would suffer and then rise from the dead on the third day.

V. 47, He explained how atonement had been made for the sins of the world and forgiveness was available to everyone by His death. And now that this had been accomplished, he told them, that this message was to be proclaimed throughout the world beginning in Jerusalem. Probation hadn’t yet closed for Israel. For another three and a half years they could accept Jesus and still be counted as God’s specially chosen people.

V. 48-49, Since the disciples had been eye witnesses to all of this they were to be His special messengers Jesus was giving them the gift the Father had promises, which was the Holy Spirit. But they were to stay right where they were until the power of the Holy Spirit came upon them.

V. 50-51, Finally, Jesus led them out to the Mount of Olives at Bethany. He raised His hands and blessed them and as He did so He was lifted up and taken into heaven.

V. 52, The disciples worshiped Him and then returned to Jerusalem beside themselves with joy.

V. 53, They spent all their time over the next few days praising God.

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