Luke 24:28-35

15 Apr

2/10/12 V. 28, When they came to their village Jesus politely didn’t impose Himself but made to go on further, which I’m sure He would have had they not invited Him in. What an incredible discovery they would have missed if they had not been willing to entertain this stranger.

V. 29, Fortunately, they urged Him to come stay with them and Jesus agreed.

V. 30, When they sat down for supper He was the one who took the bread, broke it, and handed it to them. I don’t know if it was customary for the guest to do this or if Jesus took it upon Himself to do it thereby causing them to recognize Him.

V. 31, They did recognize Him, then immediately He disappeared. Jesus was no longer living the part of a human being limited by human limitations. His divinity was taken back up now that He had been enthroned in heaven after His sacrifice. He now appeared to them as God Himself.

V. 32, I wish I could have seen their reaction. Luke, in his classic form, vastly understates the scene as they described the way Jesus had opened their eyes spiritually as He explained the prophecies to them as they had walked along.

V. 33, Normally people didn’t travel at night, but they left for Jerusalem right away, stumbling through the darkness for seven miles to get back to the other disciples. When they finally arrived they found them gathered together, already amazed with Peter’s story.

V. 34, Apparently, Jesus appeared to Simon Peter separately as well. He must have visited Peter while the other two were returning to Jerusalem, otherwise they would have heard about it before they left.

It’s interesting those whom Jesus did not appear to first. Mary and the two from Emmaus got to see Him first while the eleven did not. He was stretching their faith concerning this event. It seems that Peter was the third to see Him. Jesus probably visited Him specifically to affirm that He had not rejected Peter because he denied Jesus at the trial. The disciples hadn’t believed the women or Mary but it seems they did believe Peter. So then, once their faith had grasped what they had not yet seen, then Jesus appears to all of them, excepting Thomas who wasn’t there. Apparently Thomas needed his faith stretched even further.

V. 35, The two from Emmaus then told what had happened to them, confirming Peter’s story, which the the other disciples had already accepted as confirmation.

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