Luke 24:13-27

15 Apr

2/9/12 V. 13, It was still Sunday. Jesus had not revealed Himself to anyone except Mary so that he could get to heaven for His enthronement. Then He returned and the second people He revealed Himself to was the men in this story.

They were traveling to Emmaus. It was late in the afternoon.

V. 14-16, As the walked along they talked about all that had happened. As they discussed these things Jesus approached and joined them but they weren’t allowed to recognize Him.

V. 17, Although He knew, Jesus asked them to tell Him what they were discussing so intently. The question brought them up short and they stopped walking. Their faces showed their grief.

V. 18-21, Cleopas answered somewhat amazed that even a stranger didn’t know what had happened that weekend. Jesus asked them to explain and they went on to tell Him about Jesus, how His actions and His words had proved Him to be a prophet of God. But the religious leaders had engineered His death.

They had hoped that He was the Messiah who would redeem Israel. But now it was three days since all this happened. The insinuation was that how could He have been the promised one if this happened to Him?

V. 22-24, They went on to tell Him the women’s story, how they had gone to the tomb and found it empty and how they had seen angels who told them Jesus was alive. Some went to check it out and found the tomb empty as the women had said, but the disciples obviously remained unconvinced.

V. 25, Then it was Jesus’ turn to talk. He must have felt so sorry for all the people who were so spiritually ignorant. We don’t have to be this way! Why don’t you believe what the prophets have said, asked Jesus?

V. 26-27, This was the way it was predicted to be! Christ had to suffer before He could enter His glory. Then Jesus, beginning all the way back with Moses and working His way through all the prophets, He explained to them the things in the scriptures. And they were entranced, we find out later in the story.

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